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With us, you can rest assured your cargo is in good hands!

Local Cargo Clearance

We arrange customs clearance and transportation of local cargo be it import or ex-port either by sea, land or Air. We arrange inspection and customs clearance at the following entry points, Namanga border, Hororo border, Holili border, Tunduma border, Sirari border, Mtukula boarder and Kasumulu border.

Export Cargo

Tanzania is gifted to have minerals, Industrial products and vast agricultural land and most of her export originate from there. With our well connected staff in all fields of clearing & forwarding we do packaging stuffing into containers, warehousing, booking space with shipping lines/air lines for on-ward forwarding to any country in the whole world.

Vehicle Delivery Services

We pride ourselves to have very honest staff hence arrangement of vehicle delivery is handled in house. We can arrange for car-carriers or drive it to its destination within Tanzania or neighboring countries namely ZAMBIA, UGANDA, ZIMBABWE, DRC, RWANDA BURUNDI and MALAWI.

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We can take care of your Local Cargo Clearance, Export Cargo, Vehicle Delivery Services, Transit Cargo Clearance, Transportation, Cargo Consolidation just on time.